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Workplace Milk Delivery

The Milk Shed offers tailored services for office delivery and wholesale accounts, ensuring that businesses can enjoy premium café products with ease and efficiency.

Office Delivery Service:

  • Flexible Scheduling: The Milk Shed provides flexible delivery schedules to accommodate the unique needs of your workplace.
  • Wide Range of Products: Offices can choose from a variety of top barista soy, oat, and almond milk brands, as well as delicious in-house barista coffee or chai.
  • Local and Australia-Wide: Deliveries are available for offices/workplaces around Melbourne, the Mitchell Shire, and Australia-wide, using a combination of in-house deliveries and couriers.

These services are designed to create a positive and productive work environment by providing clients and employees with the best café products available. Whether you’re a small local café or a large office, The Milk Shed’s office delivery and wholesale accounts are here to support your business needs.

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Cafe Wholesale Accounts


Wholesale Account Benefits

The Milk Shed’s wholesale accounts are designed to support businesses by offering premium café products at competitive prices with efficient shipping across Australia

  • Competitive Pricing: Access to discounted rates on a wide range of products, from alternative milks to chai and coffee.
  • Fast Shipping: Quick dispatch and delivery times to ensure your business is always stocked.
  • Exclusive Product Range: Wholesale customers can order products like Cups, Lids, Burger Boxes, and BioPak Products that are not available to retail customers.

How to Register:

Businesses can register for a wholesale account through The Milk Shed’s website. The process is straightforward, requiring basic business information and an ABN.

Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed, and upon approval, access to wholesale prices is granted.

The Milk Shed offers flexible ordering options to accommodate the varying needs of businesses.

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Cafe Supplies

The Milk Shed is dedicated to supporting the local café community within the Mitchell Shire, offering a specialised café delivery service that emphasises local business collaboration.

Here’s an overview of the service:

  • Local Focus: The Milk Shed prioritises the Mitchell Shire, ensuring that local cafes receive timely deliveries of their café product needs.
  • Comprehensive Product Range: Cafes in the Mitchell Shire can access a wide array of café products, from alternative milks to premium chai and coffee, all sourced to meet the high standards of the local café scene.
  • Community Support: By choosing The Milk Shed, local cafes are not only receiving quality products but also contributing to the local economy and fostering a sense of community.
  • Delivery Efficiency: With a combination of in-house deliveries and couriers, The Milk Shed ensures that orders are handled with care and delivered promptly to keep the local café operations running smoothly.

This service is a testament to The Milk Shed’s commitment to providing exceptional products while supporting the vibrant café culture of the Mitchell Shire. ☕

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