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Premium Café Products Delivered

Welcome to The Milk Shed, your go-to source for premium café products, delivered right to your doorstep. Nestled in the heart of Victoria, we are a proud family-run business dedicated to bringing the café experience into the comfort of your home or office. Our reach extends from Melbourne to the Mitchell Shire and even across Australia through our reliable courier network.
At The Milk Shed, we understand the importance of quality in every cup. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of Australia’s finest alternative milks, including the likes of MilkLAB, Alternative Dairy Co, Bonsoy, and more. Our chai selection is second to none, featuring the aromatic Prana Chai, Organic Real Chai Latte and the cafe staple Arkadia Chai. For coffee aficionados, we provide exceptional blends from Melbourne Coffee Traders, ensuring that every sip is a journey of flavour.
We’re not just about individual satisfaction; we cater to businesses too. With our Wholesale Accounts, cafes and offices can enjoy better buying discounts and shipping rates, making it easier to serve excellence in every cup. Whether you’re a bustling café or a home user seeking that perfect brew, The Milk Shed is your partner in crafting the ultimate beverage experience.
Dive into our collection and discover how we can elevate your coffee, chai, and milk selections today. ☕
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Premium Café Products Delivered

Welcome to The Milk Shed. We’re all about bringing that cool café culture straight to you, no matter where you are in Australia. Think of us as your local café supply hero, hooking you up with the creamiest alternative milks around, like MilkLAB, Alternative Dairy Co and Bonsoy to name a few, not to mention some seriously good chai and coffee.
We’re here to make sure everyone gets a taste of the good stuff, from the busy cafés to the home baristas. And if you’re running a business, our Wholesale Accounts are a total game-changer with awesome discounts and shipping deals.
So, why not check out what we’ve got? Dive into The Milk Shed and let’s make your drink something special. It’s all about top quality, easy-peasy ordering, and that perfect cup, every time. ☕
Making Prana Chai at home
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Home Deliveries

Home Barista Essentials

The Milk Shed offers a comprehensive home delivery service that ensures your favourite café products arrive swiftly and safely at your doorstep.

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Workplace Supplies

The Milk Shed offers tailored services for office delivery with wholesale accounts, ensuring that workplaces can enjoy premium café products with ease and efficiency.

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Local Cafe Supplies

The Milk Shed is dedicated to supporting the local café community within the Mitchell Shire, offering a specialised café delivery service that emphasises local business collaborationHere’s an overview of the service »